Our Services

We provide an extensive array of faux finishes and decorative painting ranging from wall glazes and artisan plasters to historical French Chinoserie reproductions and murals.

Our talented artisans are also able to create personalized works of art using diverse themes and techniques from historical reproductions to scenic murals on canvas or walls.

One of our specialties is custom ceiling design.  We can create custom designs using hand painted and 3 dimensional ornate moldings to beautifully transform your ceiling and room.  It is the perfect place to make a statement and to make sure we get exceptional results we will pay attention to every detail regarding scale, design and execution.

We also provide finer finishes including gold and silver leaf gilding, antique finishes for cabinetry and furniture and Venetian plaster.

Other services we provide include interior or exterior house painting and limestone colorizing and stone sealers.


Painted faux finishes

• Traditional wall glazes and washes

• Multi color and metallic glazes

• Faux marble and wood grain

Custom design and art

• Custom Ceiling design

• Murals and hand painted motif

• Reproduction chinoiserie painting

• Commissioned art

 Dimension and texture

• Ornate molding and medallions.

• Raised stencil

• Artisan and metallic plaster

• Venetian plaster columns

• Armour coat

Cabinets and furniture

• Antique wood finishes

• Gold and silver gilding

• Crackle and wax finish

• Distress and glaze

• Multi layered paint


Metal Rails and Iron

Metal reactive paints

Metallic paints

Interior and exterior  house painting. 

Stone colorizing and sealers.